Berlin – Interrailing

Where to stay:

We stayed in the Generator Hostel. Travelling with a group is handy. It means with about 6 girls and 6 guys, you can utilise hotels for their absolute best value. It doesn’t really get any cheaper than a 6 bed female room and a 6 bed male room for an entire group. (Well, unless like the guys you decided to step it up to a 12 bed dorm for even less)

The Generator is one of the most famous hostel chains for a reason. All I can really remember is everything glowing blue.. But they had a kick-ass bar downstairs fit with karaoke, music and dance floor for every night holiday partying. (If you’re into that sort of thing!) Personally I can never say no to some karaoke.

What to do:

Brandenburg Gate. This towers over Unter den Linden in the Western part of Berlin. It was built in the 18th century and used to mark the start of the road from Berlin to the town of Brandenburg an der Havel. It was thankfully restored in 2002 after receiving a lot of damage in World War II.


Holocaust Memorial. This is made up of 2,711 blocks of varying height. It’s very impressive. You can walk right into the memorial as it slopes downwards and the blocks get higher. It creates quite an eerie feeling as you find yourself deeper and deeper. The Jewish Museum is close by. On that note, you can also go on a day tour of a concentration camp from Berlin, Sachsenhausen. It’s sad, it’s scary, it’s horrifying. And too difficult to comprehend. But you should know what to expect.


Berlin Wall. The wall was demolished in 1990, however a small part still remains. Graffiti was removed on the northern side, but there is a one mile stretch known as the ‘East Side Gallery’ which is preserved for the art painted on the eastern side when the wall was brought down.

The Reichstag, home of the German Parliament. This building has seen some amount of history. Now restored you can make the beautiful walk up the circular dome and enjoy sights of the city from above.


Windmill Hunting. There’s 8 windmills hidden in Berlin. Can you find them all? Find answers here..


Schloss Charlottenburg. King Freidrich I built this palace and grounds for his Queen Sophie-Charlotte as a summer home. How kind. We had a great time admiring the palace and exploring the gardens. Watch out for surprise mosquitos. Wasn’t expecting them here at all and got eaten alive through my tights. Don’t forget to recreate some real life statues.

Beautiful. Thank you boys.

The Zoo! The Berlin zoo is well known for being one of the best zoos in Europe, and cares for the most endangered species than any other European zoo except for Antwerp. Well worth a visit for any animal lover. There’s also an aquarium. ❤

Sea lions enjoying the sun
Can’t get enough of that fluff

Whenever us Irish find ourselves in a place that has things we don’t have at home – we go nuts. Thank you marshmallow fluff for being the surprise that we didn’t need in Germany.

Berlin bears wave goodbye!

So if you want a fun, relaxed and financially reasonable holiday Berlin is a great city break. Depending on how interested in history you are there’s there’s a wealth of museums and day trips to keep you occupied. Would highly recommend.

Have fun,




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